manual punch method

Using MANUEL PUNCH instead of micromotor is a very tedious and very long process. seven-day average of 2 hours for each patient to separate gerekir.b percent of the number of centers that have applied until turkey is not even the fingers of one hand.

During the removal of the grafts, 10-15% loss even in the best hands when receiving with micromotor does not exceed 1% in Manuel punch technique.

In addition, after the FUE procedure, the removal of hair follicles, the donor area is unharmed and bruised after 48 hours, as if it had never been treated.

The person is in a sitting position during the removal of the hair follicle (Graft) with the manual punch technique. With this technique, we can take up to 2500 grafts per day. Due to the positional distress of the patients and the excessive length of the procedure, we divide the operation into two days even if 3000 grafts are to be removed.

The subsequent procedures were the same as those applied to the grafts taken with micromotor. The grafts were kept in sterile water with medication on the ice sheets. And it's time to open the channel.

99.8% of hair transplant companies and doctors apply sagittal or vertical grooving technique. Again, doctors who do not cross the fingers of a hand apply LATERAL SLIT TECHNIQUE, that is, they open a horizontal channel. As a result of this type of channel opening, very frequent and very natural view hair transplantation is obtained.

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