face and neck aesthetics

Age, lifestyle, stress, malnutrition, air pollution, lack of skin care, gravity and mimics, such as the factors that occur over time with the most effective methods of facial and neck distortions are removed.

cheek surgery

The Golden Ratio is the ratio of each organ in the face to the others. People who are close through someone else's eyes or his face have the Golden Ratio, an attractive face is detected as.

The Golden Ratio is the ratio of each organ in the face to the others. A person whose face has or is close to the Golden Ratio is perceived as an attractive face through someone else's eyes. one of the most important criteria in the Golden Ratio is that the jaws and cheeks form triangles. thus, the face is younger, more attractive and aesthetic stops. cheek aesthetics is a three-expansion procedure performed on faces where the face top-up is cornered and the fat pads on the cheek are excess. cheek aesthetic is the process of removing fat tissues 1 cm away from the cheek area by interfering with the inside of the mouth without leaving any trace of the face.


The Face Lift procedure, which is one of the aesthetic and plastic surgery operations, removes excess and sagged skin from the line between the ear and the cheek, or if the need is seen, the incision is made from the back of the ear and the favorite area of the hair.

Age, lifestyle, stress, malnutrition, air pollution, lack of skin care, gravity and mimics, percent eyebrow drop, eyelid fall, custody bagging and lines, deep line formation in the mouth and nose region, sagging cheeks, food becomes apparent and structure causes deterioration.

The surgeon removes the skin from the back of the ear and the hair through the incision, which is created from the favorite area of the hair and the incision is removed from the ‘Face Lift’, which is one of the aesthetic and Plastic Surgery surgeries. So the face becomes a new form. The marks are unclear as the incisions are erected using special techniques.

lip surgery

Plastic surgeons offer a variety of remedies for plump and alive lips that play an important role in female attractiveness. Thickening of the thin lips, thinning of the thick, wrinkles and deformations around the lips can be corrected with various techniques.

In order to increase lip volume in lip aesthetics, injection of the filler containing hyalinic acid into the lip, injection of the oils taken from one's own body into the inside of the lip after a special procedure (see below). Vaser Liposuction) is performed. For lip thinning, the technique of pulling the thick red part inward is used with the help of small incisions opened through the lip. Also Botilinum toxin is also frequently used in lip aesthetics.

chin aesthetics

Because of genetic or acquired factors, long or short jaw, small or large means that the entire face is affected aesthetically. If the jaw is small, the person's own tissue (see fig. Vaser Liposuction) with or by placing a prosthesis is performed incomplete completion operation. Since this process is done through the mouth, no trace is visible. Chin reduction operation is based on taking the excess part and giving the new shape.

Eyelid Aesthetics

During communication, the first contact is in the eyes. Deformations can occur around the eye due to the influence of factors such as gravity, age and genetics. Depending on the need, only the upper or lower caps or both regions can be operated..

The upper eyelid wrinkles and excess skin on the lower eyelids, bagging and sagging may occur. This condition causes the expression to look tired and older than the person is, and can progress to prevent vision..

The upper eyelid will remain in the fold area, while the lower eyelid will remove excess skin with the help of incisions opened just below the eyelashes, resulting in rejuvenation of the eye due to the old form of the eyelids.

scoop ear aesthetics

The ears, which complement the facial integrity, are important aesthetically as well as being our sensory organs. There may be deformations in the ears due to congenital or accidental causes. The exaggerated angle of the ear with the skull is the most common scoop ear condition. The size of the earlobe is also a common cause of complaint. It makes the person uneasy socially. In order not to affect the development in psychological sense, it is appropriate to have 5-6 years of age.

A small incision is made behind the ear to bring the ear closer to the skull.

neck lift surgery

The reasons such as age, stress, weight, of course, also affect the neck region of our face negatively. No matter how young the face looks, the oluş tickle oluş that makes us look older than we are, and in this case there is a need for neck aesthetic operation. Neck aesthetics can be performed alone or with ‘Face Lift’ operation. Only if the sagging is not more in the 'Neck Aesthetics' operations, the exact result can be obtained with 'Liposuction' (see Laser, Vaser Liposuction).

If the neck muscles are loose and the fat tissue is increased, the incision is made from the bottom of the jaw and the neck muscles are stretched towards the middle line and a new shape can be given. If the face lift is performed in conjunction with the operation, this procedure can be performed without any incision other than the face lift cut.

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